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Cisco develop software that connects the world. Many of the world's biggest networks, that together make up the Internet, depend every single day on the code we write. It's interesting and challenging work that matters. It's also fun - excelling at writing complex software is what we enjoy. We've grown to a team of around seventy software developers by recruiting a few of the best Oxbridge graduates each year, who have then built careers with us by learning from our world class development organisation. It's an ideal environment for bright, creative people with an interest in software. It is a very successful business (£10 million revenue) and all employees share in this.

Ready to accelerate your growth in one of the most dynamic and fascinating industries there is? Discover Optiver, a leading global trading firm powered by technical innovation. For 35+ years, Optiver has been improving financial markets around the world, making them more transparent and efficient for all participants. With our focus on cutting-edge engineering, data science and research, we actively trade on 70+ exchanges, where we're trusted to always provide accurate buy and sell pricing – no matter the market conditions.


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